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Brief History

“The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrub and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nest in its branches (Matt. 13:31-32). And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons… It will not hurt them, they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover'' (Mk 16: 17-18).

young Nigerian graduate from the University of Zambia, Lusaka, returned to his fatherland in 1980.He is of Igbo descent. Before him on return, was the mandatory National Youth Service Corps assignment. While in Zambia, God
used him to do extraordinary miracles and feats before lecturers and students of the university where he studied Industrial Chemistry and later Statistics, Accounting and Management. He was the first foreigner to hold the post of the chairman of the university Christian Fellowship (UCF) and the first ever to hold the position up to his final year of study. During his tenure there was a sharp growth of the spiritual and numerical strength of the fellowship as many students and lecturers were caught up in the wind of revival prevalent on the campus. The fellowship grew in number and changed from a small lecture hall approved by the University. Natives and foreign students and seasoned academics confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour. He took up the mantle of leadership amidst great challenges. First, notable people pulled out of the group as result of schisms, heresies and the likes. In the scornful, sore oppress and distress condition of the group, bereft of its known members and leaders, this Nigerian mustered courage and strengthened the few “abandoned'' brethren, with the world of Gamaliel. Members perceived the light and grace in him and followed. Then the fortified fellowship grew and prepared to elect leaders. Here came again war and tumult as the enemy mounted pressure using the natives and renowned Christian leaders from established church denominations nearby and within the campus. In all, the Nigerian emerged victorious wining overwhelming majority votes cast, and became the chairman. He was also the first to be the male and female counselor in Fellowship and did the job with divine Impact. His fame in Zambia attracted the attention of the Presidency. He was thus invited by President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia to pray for him and his cabinet in the Government House. He was struck by the wisdom and anointing of the young Christian leader and he shed tears provoked by the chills of the Holy Spirit attendant to the words and prophetic utterances of the young Nigerian spiritual Icon.

Part of the outcome of the mission to the Zambia Government House by the Nigerian Star and selected members of the fellowship who accompanied him was the Commission of President Kenneth Kaunda, who said before his cabinet: “Victor, I urge you to go back to Nigeria with the good things you have brought to my country…”

The President had already given him an opportunity to take up a good job in Zambia but the Nigerian Victor wanted to come home to set eyes on his mother, who was eagerly yearning to see him.

In 1980,Ba (or sir) Victor as his Zambia admires called him, set his feet again on Nigerian soil, to see his affectionate mother, to do his national youth service, to do what the President of Zambia 'prophesied,' yes, to do what God had much earlier predetermined and ordained. (This shall be addressed later) Thus in the old Anambra State, Mr. Victor Onukogu presented himself to the posting officer of the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) in the State Capital, Enugu, for posting. He was posted to Girls Secondary School Enugwu-Ukwu in the hinterland of Anambra State. This young Nigerian Victor accepted the posting papers, thanked the woman officer in deep respect and left for the school, the route and the place he did not even know. Perhaps he hoped to find out; after all he found his ways in the foreign land. Should he now not trace his way in his fatherland? As he went a distance away, the woman called him back, collected back the posting papers and tore them. She told him that none of Nigerians returning from abroad ever accepted to go there without even a word of protest! She was surprised at the gentleman before her. The officer then re-posted Mr. Victor to Onitsha to inland Girls Secondary School. Again, he accepted the offer without a complaint.

Mr. Victor arrived Onitsha from Enugu and reported to the principal (Mrs. Edogu). Little did he know the divine package for him in the one year of sacrificial service to the fatherland, Nigerian.

NYSC Primary Assignment at inland Girls Secondary School, Onitsha Preparatory Grounds for a Great Spiritual Revolution and Reformation
People who knew Onitsha fairly in the late 1970s and early 1980s would confirm that of all the secondary school in the town, Inland girls secondary school was one of the most detested, having nothing really impressive. It had very small premises quite unlike Government and community schools. It was yet to receive formal approval by the Government and relevant examination bodies. The school was ill-located, being in the area dreaded as armed robbers and bad boys hide-out. To worsen it all, a notorious and supposedly powerful idol/shrine of Isiokwe also is co-habitant or landlord of the area. As an unapproved school with unfenced premises, young-well-to-do men and Sugar Daddies alike gave the school a brothel outlook as they freely came for their preys female students, who were in improvised hostels, cooked on their own and with no staff resident in the school compound! The situation was worse at nights and much more so over the weekends. Such was the environment into which a young graduate of sciences from high-social standard University was made to serve! Thus Sir Victor had his dwelling and work in the same poor social atmosphere in which those students lived. What further surprised everyone was that despite how he was surrounded by

armed robbers, ritual killers, threatening wicked sugar Daddies, etc.., yet he was not afraid to live in an unfenced premises and in a room without any iron protector (or burglary proof) which was only locked with a mere “union'' key. His fearlessness in such a DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT confirmed what he told his inquisitive admires and followers that God Almighty was his STRONG REFUGE, STRONG HOLD, PORTION AND INHERITANCE.

For accommodation, the young graduate from south-and central-African country of Zambia, at that time, where social lifestyle was of Europeans standard, an average narrow classroom was converted for him and a narrow bunk-bed (student-bed type) was given to him. He used curtains to demarcate the inner part of the room where he kept his luggage, cooking utensils, etc.

It was remarkable how the corps member, Victor adapted comfortably to the new rather poor arrangement, a sharp contrast to what he had in the University. He accepted it all in good faith and without complaints. A proof of his acceptability of the poor condition was his rejection to go for a flat when the opportunity came to him later in the service year. A friend of his by name Mr. Johnson Anene, who then thought at federal Government Girls College (FGGC), Onitsha had told him of his arrangement to secure a flat which the FGGC (as a policy) would pay for the rents on yearly basis. In addition, the college authority would furnish the flat-accommodation with modern furniture and standard household equipment like gas cookers, refrigerator and other modern self-contained flat amenities and fittings. He told Sir Victor that they would comfortably share the 3-bedroom flat with boys-quarters facilities attached thereto, which would cost them nothing because it was all at Federal Government's expense. However, when the free decent accommodation got ready, Sir Victor told his friend, Mr. Anene (now Dr. J. I. Anene), that God did not permit him to leave the school to live elsewhere. Another house was found for him at Wilkinson Street, Onitsha. He refused to accept them. All this really proved to people around that he honors, obeys and fears God in all his ways. Like Moses in Egypt, Sir Victor preferred to live happily in a rather uncomfortable place in the will of God, rather than enjoy the comforts of a modern self-contained flat and lose the divine focus and plan for him. What was the divine plan? Very shortly.

In his academics duties, Sir Victor was assigned to teach Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. Mathematic has for some three decades been a problem subject to our youths especially in the secondary school more so to many females when compared with male students. But living witnesses abound as the subject was not only awakened but also their understanding and performance improved greatly, because of the style and approach of Teacher Onukogu (as students of the school initially addressed the unique and great Youth Corps Member). Apart from his teaching methods, the students perceived special qualities in the personality of the teacher, He was the only male teacher(and no female teacher at all residing) in the midst of over six hundred female students, some of whom were borders, yet the handsome, well-built, lively and intelligent young man respected himself. What a challenge to the girls. Thirdly, his conduct of morning assembly and/ or moral Instruction was with a tone of uniqueness, excellence and special manifestations. Sir Victor apparently, was new in the school, but had by his qualities and performance already endeared himself to the students and commanded the respect of the co-staff. What was more, this special teacher did not carry long canes or assorted whips as many teachers do at that time. But his words, simple instructions and/or orders were easily obeyed by the students. His mere verbal correction of an erring student did fill the student's eyes with tears of remorse and admittance of errors. Through these, very strong but holy attachment existed between the handsome young man and his students. On teaching performance, Teacher Onukogu scored the highest when a team of inspectors from the state Ministry of Education visited and evaluated the lesson notes of the teachers. His co-teachers like Mrs. Mabel Onuora, Mr Ugolo (now an Anglican clergyman, etc), would confirm this position. Yet Sir Victor did not read Education at the University of Zambia. Apparently, the Christ in him as a special instrument of God. He started the students Christian Movement with some boarding students and some day-students who would join in the after-school fellowship. He also took the gospel to other secondary schools in Onitsha metropolis, in turn. These are Oba Girls’ Secondary School (OGSS), Comprehensive Secondary School and the adjacent Federal Government Girls College (FGGC), both along Onitsha-Owerri Road, among others. The Federal Girls College has since been relocated. He attended with his students Church for service. Meanwhile, the once notorious school had become a Centre of Christian revival, initially for students. The menace of armed robbers reduced and there was a check to the visit of ‘Sugar Daddies’. Further, the disturbance of witches very threatening in the area and which nearly caused the death of a Corps member, was subdued by the spiritual exploits of Teacher Onukogu.

On completion of his one- year NYSC assignment, Teacher Onukogu was retained at the Inland Girls Secondary School as a regular teacher in Mathematics and the Sciences. He helped to secure government approval for the school by his hard work, wisdom and importance as a permanent teacher in the prestigious area of Mathematics and the Sciences. As a full- time teacher, the Man of God continued with his gospel works both within and outside the Inland Girls Secondary School. Thus students, especially females who are good in praising a man of worth and substance as they did when David killed Goliath, never hid their new found joy of salvation. The songs of their fellowship and testimonies were gradually permeating the entire school and its vicinity, the neighbourhood of rather hostile folks hitherto. Students of FGGC who caught the flames of the outreach but who were not allowed to freely go out of their College, continued to send messages to Teacher Onukogu embodying their feminine problems, requests, words of thanks, etc through one of their own teachers,

Mr. Anene who was a friend to teacher Onukogu. It was heaven on earth on the day Teacher Onukogu, with his 'angelic' students, visited FGGC's Christian Students Association (CSA) for a friendly joint fellowship. The sweet memories still remain with the writer and are a strength to this heavenly race amidst the turbulent storms on the way!

Outreach to Wider Onitsha Community and the Birth of A New Dawn
On return from one of the outreaches of Teacher Onukogu to a sister Secondary School, this time OGSS, a student of Inland Girls' Secondary School, took ill and eventually died. Her fellow students laid her corps in Teacher Onukogu's room which he usually left open to the Christian students who took care of the cleaning and tidying up of the same. The Man of God with the unction of the Holy Spirit already great in him, prayed for her extensively. When all hopes were lost, the girl later rose from dead. That was on Sunday, 21st November 1982.On Friday 26th November, 1992 one student called Charity Ekwulonu from Imo State whose parents attended Baptist church, died and was raised after several hours of fervent prayers by Teacher Onukogu. Another student died on Monday 28th November, 1982. The students ran away claiming that the deaths were caused by a shrine within the school compound and an evil forest nearby, along Isiokwe Road, Onitsha .The students only came back when they heard that the dead student had been raised. The great news was spread by the students and staff of the school alike. At another instance, during school hours, a student got sick and was mentally affected. She ran into a bush, a shrine and none of the students or the teacher could arrest her. It was Teacher Victor Onukogu who prayed for her and the girl vomited strange objects like gold ear rings, necklace, fishing hook and an octopus-like object, etc. There was an instant recovery to the mentally deranged girl. After the discharge or vomit, she became sound and back to her senses. The students, females in their joyful exuberance) spread abroad the good news of the miraculous deliverance. They trooped into the city chanting songs of joy and praises. Before long, the premises of the school was filled with the natives and dwellers of the neighborhood . They came to behold the teacher who did the wonders. Subsequently, new days witnessed people who came in to be prayed for, by the Teacher/man of God. They received healings and solution to their spiritual predicaments. They went back joyfully to their homes with the testimonies of what God did for them. Their words, like those of the Samaritan woman whom Christ met at Jacob's well, further read the good news to other parts of the city of Onitsha and surrounding towns and villages. When those who heard, came and listened to the Teachers Miracle Worker, they confessed like the Jews did, that it was no more the words of the people who informed them that convinced them but what they now heard with their own ears from the Teacher Preacher, Moreover, the signs and wonders following his preaching further strengthen their faith in the God Almighty whom the Teacher proclaimed to them.

From that time on, the post-school hours fellowship, which was initially for students of the school, grew to involve people from Onitsha and surrounding towns and villages. It became a daily fellowship. And each day, before the school closing time, adherents from far and near had already besieged the neighborhood of the school. An effort to count exhaustively or even adequately the accompanying and attendants miracles is simply a futility. Suffice it to say they were great and tremendous. Joy of salvation overflowed in the lives and relationship of the people as manifested in their fellowship and daily activities . A girl called ifebo was poisoned in a secondary school at Oba, Anambra State. This poison almost made her blind and it was because of it (i.e the poison) that her parents changed school for her, from Oba to Inland Girl Secondary School Onitsha. On one Thursday as Teacher Onukaogu was conducting a moral instruction fellowship at the Inland Girls Secondary School, in the school hall, the girl called joy Ifeobu who was poisoned in the secondary school at Oba in Anambra State felt like vomiting. She was taken outside and there she vomited an object like a human liver and after vomiting she was healed and her eye problems disappeared and her sight restored.

The Destruction of the Shrine in the School Compound
The Shrine was powerful. One of the elderly teachers who came to do his National Service was always disturbed by it especially at night. A girl from Oba who entered the shrine to pick a football which was mistakenly kicked into it could no longer walk (she became lame) and was rushed home to Oba where she was healed after several weeks. When Teacher Onukogu found out that the shrine was causing havoc in the school and disturbing every one, he prayed and used the name Jesus Christ to destroy it. He even ordered the students and other school labourers to enter into it and cut out the grown Bamboos which were used for farming and erecting some building in the school compound. This wonderful act attracted more converts.

Fellowship Venue
Those who attended were initially prayed for right inside the one room apartment of the Teacher, after he had given them the Word of God. He used the top of his bunk-bed as Bible stand. As the number grew more than the room would take, then tally- papers were given to the attendants and they entered the rooms in batches. From the teacher's room, the fellowship moved to a classroom next to the Teacher's bedroom. Within a few days, the one classroom became too small for the attendants. They moved to a second classroom and the Man of God stayed at the partition point of the two rooms to preach. From two rooms, the fellowship moved to 3rd and 4th classrooms of the upstairs' block. While the Man of God's voice covered the first two classrooms, his two ministers positioned themselves at the entrance of the other two of the farthest classrooms, relaying the message to the people in the larger space. Therefore, the next major fellowship day within the period, saw the group move to the college

hall. This hall was packed full at the fellowship days of the young group of new Christians.

Men and women who hitherto were disturbed by water spirits, witchcraft, etc., did experience immeasurable joy of sound night sleep. Women, especially married ones who have witnessed the depravity of some so called man of God in Prayer-houses could not find words to tell their relief. They recalled their rigors, dry fasting, climbing of deep steps to fetch water for the Baba-Aladuras or prophets so-called, etc all in the bid to be delivered of the water spirits and other agonies. Some were beaten, some were taken to river-side for deliverance sacrifices, etc but without success. These came to the prayers of the Teacher and went home wholly set free without any burden set on them. They came with burdens but went home in liberty after normal fellowship session. They got easily what their rigors at dry fasting prayer houses did not fetch them. Unforgettable was the experience of one occultist, the father of one of the students. He came to subdue the powers of the Teacher he heard that was proving tough. The occult, having gone deep in acquisition of secret powers, came to deal with the Teacher, to make him keep silent. He later found himself rolling on the ground in helplessness. The Teacher later delivered him. The other man came with a magic ring with which to try the teacher. The ring heated up and hurting his fingers, he cried out in pains. Witches tried their powers and failed. One day, a lion-like beast itself at the roof of the dilapidated bathroom where the Teacher used to take his bathe. The unnatural beast wanted to pounce on him immediately he entered; it was believed to be an evil human who feigned the beast and it was revealed to the Teacher not to kill it, else a person would die. So Teacher left the animal to go away but with a broken leg as he had dealt with it before being told to stop further attempts to kill it.

Spiritual and Material Needs of Students Met
It is remarkable to note that there were many students being catered for by Teacher Onukogu out of his income as a mere classroom teacher. He also provided for the needs of some aged women and widows. The attention of the Young Teacher to the material needs of the students and adults alike, provoked the students to say that Teacher Onukogu was (and is) a father to them. They started henceforth to call him Daddy and this was how the name Daddy Hezekiah started, Hezekiah being the name given him at Emersion Baptism years back. This shall later be addressed.

Opposition and Persecution
There is an Igbo name, “AkubuIro” which means “wealth attracts enmity”. Again, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ told us that we shall gain hundred folds of whatever we sacrifice for the kingdom of God, but with persecutions too. It is also true that wealth attracts friendship.

Therefore the growth of Daddy Hezekiah's Ministry within a very short space of time, provoked admiration from student members of the group as well as people of good will. On the other hand stiff oppositions, from non-member students and staff alike as well as from one of the succeeding Principals of the school, came to the young body of Crist grooming in the secondary school. Chairs were locked and broken chairs were falsely accused on the group. Then the established churches whose students and wards were students in the school came indirectly to unleash hatred on the group. People went as far as the State School Service Commission, Enugu to say that there was a teacher who caused confusion and caused heresies to the students to take them away from their parents', own churches plus other false accusations. Two out of the many notable/persecutions were those of the Diocesan Leadership of the Anglican Church where the Man of God worshiped with his students and one Umudioka man who came to disrupt the church service of the group and who went to India to secure charms with which to kill the Man of God and several of his listed officials. Both entities failed in their attempts to disorganize the group. As an alternative, the authorities of the Anglican Diocese of Onitsha whereby the prevailing Ministry of Daddy Hezekiah would be integrated to the Anglican Church so that he would practice as Rev. Fr. Edeh does in the Catholic church. Daddy Hezekiah accepted the offer but waited for the implementation or the formal approval to commence work. But some notable priest went behind to change the mind of the authorities with the unfounded claims that the spiritual powers of Daddy Hezekiah were too great and would likely cause confusions or problems in the Anglican church. So when he waited for a long time without any feedback, coupled with the ill-treatment to the members of the group in their parent churches, the New Group came up with the idea to shepherd completely its members. That was the birth if Living Christ Mission (L.C.M) in 1983. Originally, the practice of the group was to teach members and allow them to belong to their respective church denominations. But the ill-treatment meted on them reached to the height of abandoning the deceased member of the group, excommunication, fine, oath- imposition on them, etc. Thus, the God Almighty revealed to His servant to feed His flock and lamb for Him. In 1985, the church LCM was formally incorporated against all oppositions from some other churches to deny it registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission. At this stage, the divine plan of posting an Industrial chemist to teach in the secondary school, and the willingness of the “Corper” to adapt quite comfortably to a rater poor condition preferring same to a modern flat comfort, became glaring to misinformed minds.

Post incorporation of Living Christ Mission include the erection of two solid Temples to the glory of God. One of the two edifices is in Onitsha, Anambra State where the church started in Nigeria. The other one at Nkwerre, Imo State houses the Spiritual Headquarters of the church. The Onitsha Pioneer Branch is the Administrative

Headquarters of the Ministry. These two great Temples are rated the great wonders of the world. There are other small but beautiful church buildings like the mini-Temple in the Grace Garden Branch of the church, Port Harcourt, the Lagos branch and other branches at Aba, Abuja, Owerri, Enugu, Iselle-Uku, Oba, Nachi, Amaechi-Idodo, Amucha, Ogwa, Abba, Mgbidi-Awgu, Obigbo, Obosi, Alor, Nsukka, Orlu, Abakiliki, Orji, Ifitedinu, Awka, Dikenafai, Okigwe, Umuahia, etc, totaling some five hundred within Nigeria.

Within the period, Overseas branches sprang up in places like London, Holland, Germany, Italy, Canada, Dallas and other parts of the USA, The man of God, Daddy Hezekiah not only oversees the affairs of these many branches through his circuit prayers-ministry which Is second to none, but he is also a spiritual father and patron to many men of God who perceived the spiritual divine endowment of His Grace, the Most Rev. prof. Daddy Hezekiah.

Honours and Accolades
It is in recognition of the special qualities, spiritual endowment, special charisma, unalloyed capacities and strength of this gem of a Leader and Man of God, that some 2000 Awards , honors and accolades have come to Daddy Hezekiah in these thirty years of His Church. Please take a trip to what has been termed Personal Profile of Daddy Hezekiah and colorful booklet which summarizes the diadem, titles, establishments, etc. of the Man of God.

University Project by Prophet Daddy Hezekiah
Within 30 years of existence of Living Christ Mission, the Man of God who founded the church has built model schools which have won Local, State and National prizes. Whenever mention is made about Living Christ Schools especially Onitsha Anambra State and in Nkwerre and Owerri both in Imo State, a signal is sent of excellence in academic performance as well as co-curricular activities. The name of the schools touches the nerves of other schools' students who have had contest with Living Christ Schools. In order to demonstrate further his Love for Education; the Man of God has embarked on a University Project in the standard and compliance of the National University Commission. The citadel called HEZEKIAH UNIVERSITY (UNIHEZ) is located at Umudi, near Nkwerre in Imo State of Nigeria. The University is near completion and has had over one billion naira sunk into it in the form of structural project development, academics briefs, infrastructures like road, street lights, etc. it is expected that standard University shall take off by the beginning of next academic session.

Before he embarked on building University of his own, Daddy Hezekiah had donated computer sets to Universities and other education establishments. He single-handed built an ICT Internet facility to the Chemical Society of Nigeria, NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka in 2003.

In the thirty years of Living Christ Mission [1983-2013], the account of the church will be incomplete, without mention of what Daddy Hezekiah has done for numerous people irrespective of race, religion and family background. Right from the Inland Girls Secondary School, Onitsha as a classroom Teacher, he started to pay school fee for indigent students. Today, he maintains a scholarship foundation which at every point in time has more than 500 recipients at all levels of the education ladder, up to the university bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degrees programmes. Houses have been built by Daddy Hezekiah for helpless widows. Hospital bills in hundreds of thousands of naira are paid for the needy and the sick. Court cases are sponsored for the innocent poor whose property and possessions were being confiscated by the haughty and indolent rich. Students Organization, Unions, Professional Association, Non- Governmental Association, Town Unions, conflict-torn communities like Umuleri, etc
,have received fat donations from Daddy Hezekiah. He has donated millions of naira to the projects embarked upon by the police, Local Government and of course, to the many churches outside the branches of his own ministry. Daddy Hezekiah has in the spirit of ecumenism done what cannot be fully quantified to support the work of His Father, Almighty Jesus Christ whom he believes has the total and complete ownership of his and all those other churches. He helped the Muslims to rebuild their burned mosque as he believes in “live and let live” as well as freedom of religion. At the climax, while preachers and m en of God from the third world countries rush to U.S.A to get the hard currency by all means, Daddy Hezekiah donated staggering amount of
$30,000 dollars (thirty thousand dollars) to the Government of the United State of America towards rehabilitation programme of September 11, 2001 unwarranted destructions by the terrorists. What a feat! He also gave similar fat amount of
$20,000(twenty thousand dollars) to the Government of the state of Israel towards the amelioration of sad effect of suicide attackers and terrorist in that God's own state. For a closer picture of this, again the reader is referred to the bio data/profile of Daddy Hezekiah and recent editions of the LIVING CHRIST NEWS, the prime church magazine of Living Christ Mission Inc. or Daddy Hezekiah’s philanthropic deeds, a chapter in this book.

It is a thing of the spirit, hard to understand by some people, how this man of

God helps the country of Nigeria, which would have been torn apart by nepotism, tribalism, political injustice, embezzlement of public funds and daylight thefts of political mandate, selections or non-election by unpopular but powerful or dominant of political opponent. Through strong prayers, he turns away spiritually, huge armaments of mass destructions and devastation. The combatants will be disarmed but without actually knowing the cause and medium of intervention! And so we enjoyed peace despite conflict-or war-provoking deeds. We enjoy peace at the spiritual sacrifice of another. Not many people are aware of this

False Brethren, Fierce Wolves And Emergence of a Heaven Sent Liberator to Living Christ Mission
The guru, Gamaliel rightly said in the Acts of the Apostles:
“Men of Israel, take care what you do with these men. For before these days Theudas arose, giving himself out to be somebody, and a number of men, about four hundred, joined him: but he was slain and all who followed him were dispersed and came to nothing. After him Judas the Galilean arose in the days of the census and drew away some 0f the people after him, he also perished, and all who followed him were scattered. So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this undertaking is of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!'' (Acts 5:35-39).

Really, if this church was not founded on That Rock which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, Alpha and Omega, the root and Offspring of David, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Only Begotten Son of God, the activities and lootings of the wolves who hid themselves in the church in sheep clothing would have destroyed the effort of the Prophet of God. Again, the Victory of Living Christ Mission over the deadly schemes as well as camouflaged deeds of the folks whom St. Paul and other Bible writers referred to as 'false brethren', 'fierce wolves' and 'anti-christ' clearly confirms that Daddy Hezekiah is of God and adequately prepared divinely for his ministry on earth. No church, not one known, has survived the financial shipwreck as Living Christ Mission did when more than N800,000,000,00(more than eight hundred million naira) of the man God and property to the tune of similar figures got swindled overnight by the activities of false brethren, what would mark an end of a good programme or a good leader, the Anointed Prophet remained unshakened! At that point, he went on quite unruffled with his service to God and humanity. He simply said 'I will rebuild my empire and pity him who betrayed the trust and confidence reposed in him'. Today he has not only rebuilt the empire, he is also holding the work of the church at all branches including overseas Branches and to crown it all, he ie erecting a university according to NUC standard (as stated above on the sub-heading: “UNIVERSITY PROJECT BY PROPHET DADDY HEZEKIAH”) and above all, God Almighty is with him and

converts through him millions of souls into the Kingdom of Heaven. So they, the false brethren, fierce wolves and anti-Christ, unconstructively criticized, forged and wrecked the bank deposit of the man of God. They published falsehood against the church, spread baseless allegations and accused brethren and the leadership of the church falsely. But God sent a liberator, an unassuming youngster a gem priceless value, a holy and undefiled Instrument of hope, transformation and life. She did the work. She is Princess Chukwunazaekpere Hezekiah, the Princess of the Most High God, Icon of Evangelism and Shepherd Mother-General of Living Christ Mission Inc.

Monumental Recognition
Onitsha Community is not unmindful of the immense contributions of the Man of God, Daddy Hezekiah and his church to the town. In recognition of the feats of the Prophet, two streets have been named after him and his church, viz. LIVING CHRIST MISSION ROAD & PROFESSOR DADDY HEZEKIAH AVENUE, both in the inland Town, similarly, the school were the church was groomed, received a fat donation of N300,000 (three hundred thousand naira) from Daddy Hezekiah when the value of that would easily build a house. That was when the school embarked on structural expansion projects, In appreciation of the gesture, the school authority name a house after the generous Man of God, DADDY HEZEKIAH HOUSE. That name remains in the school as a memorial unless a pharaoh who did not know Joseph has risen. Yet the history of inland Girls Secondary School can never be told in completeness if it ever omits the role of Daddy Hezekiah in particularly from 1980-1996 when he took a leave of absence. Even up to date, his name is making history in the school. Daddy Hezekiah subsequently retired voluntarily with full benefits from the government of Anambra State of Nigeria. Today he is pension albeit at his vibrant youthful stage in life. This is a lesson for those who jump hastily out of unemployment or out of university study programme on the basis that God call them on full time ministry (how sure?) or some who out of laziness never engage in economic activities like St. Paul who was a tent maker and yet a great Apostle of Christ; they thus leave the burden of their large family on the church they pastor, at the expense of the church evangelical commitments and attention to the indent aged and youths alike. It is not to say that the poor would not always abound or that the horse which harvest the grain should be stopped from eating there from. Rather it is that the horse should not eat itself alone. Daddy Hezekiah provides and proves himself a model in everything good and honorable. His school are model. His University project is a model. The church he founded LIVING CHRIST MISSION which is 30 years today is a model. In this church is fulfilled the prayer of Lord Jesus, “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven'' (Matthew 6:10). It is also true in L.C.M as our Lord Jesus, The kingdom of Heaven is already in your midst.” They will understand all this who are given to comprehend.

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